As a rising force in the genre of contemporary hard rock, Disciple has achieved great strides by fusing an explicit Christian message with aggressive, well-orchestrated music. Driven by a mission to make an impact in the world, Disciple has already demanded the attention of thousands who are embracing the band’s cutting-edge declaration. Although the path has been challenging, Disciple has persevered with a prolific output of professional music and live performances. If the past is any indication, the future for this Tennessee trio is bright.

The concept for Disciple began in the heart of singer and bassist Kevin Young while he was in the seventh grade. But it would not be until December of 1992 before the chemistry for Disciple would actually come together. The missing ingredients were guitarist Brad Noah and drummer Tim Barrett. First came Tim, an excellent drummer who’d been pounding the skins since the age of twelve. After two weeks of prayer for a guitar player, Kevin and Tim were introduced to Brad Noah. Like Kevin and Tim, Brad began to play guitar seriously at age twelve. Over the next year they looked for a bass player, but in the providence of God they would remain a three-piece band.

Disciple’s recording career began in 1995 with the independent release of “What Was I Thinking.” This album soon grabbed the attention of Warner Resound who in 1997 released the five song EP, “My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy.” The Disciple fan base grew rapidly due to radio play from this album, and in 1999 they signed with Rugged Records and released the edgy “This Might Sting a Little.” The hit single from this album, “I Just Know,” sat at number one on the loud chart for many weeks. It was then that the musical identity of Disciple was forged.

Late in the year of 2000 Disciple unleashed their fourth project, “By God,” which went on to win the Inspirational Life Award in 2001. Soon after they produced a video, “72 Hours with Disciple”, which featured a brief touring stint with lots of behind the scenes footage of the band. This helped to give fans an inside look at the mission and message of these Tennessee Titans of hard rock.

Out of these four albums Disciple produced six number one hits and four Dove Award Nominations. But it would be another two years before the band would release another album.

For the entire year of 2002, Disciple prepared for their next musical project while touring full time. Having dropped their record company, Disciple simultaneously launched their own record label along with their latest album. In February of 2003, the independent label Slain Records unveiled the ripping new release, “Back Again,” which immediately climbed the charts in it’s first week on radio.

Throughout their musical career Disciple has persisted with the thunder and the hunger of a band on a mission. With a rigorous touring schedule Disciple plays approximately 150 dates a year in the United States as well as in six other countries. Their commitment to God, His kingdom and their fans is undying and can be only be matched by their determination to write some of best music in the arena of hard rock.

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