DILATED PEOPLES - The Reversal lyrics

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When they change tones they go off the days on

They go on at home

I broke the venice district by the time I hit

My first chick, I was distant from a side from hit

I have trust problems every Monday

It is now when they shut? My life as a dog I now wak the television

Put a stage at the yak I rock a both out bristals

It’s all to that people that we made to the pistol

That’s my word, I meant the best of the best

Let me tell you they know cuz I met the worst of the worst

And those that was people to me it’s like the game is already a verse

So I’m just working for me

I’m miss educated, long and heal make possible

Undo everything I know becomes an obstacle

But try to go black and throw the all …out

Good bye sell Sundays when the rain is out

But this the season for no reason, time to let it go

I didn’t smoke today cuz anybody is on that medical

I’m on the scadual, maybe on the edible

When the history is to repeat yourself then they ain’t set it slow

I never told my mom I will make it big

I just said you’ll be proud of your kid

Fuck the world it’s what my statement is

I stake my name then I stake my business

Catch moments and I never should get pull or avoid

High as fuck head in the cloud, I’m on that …avoid

Control my substitutes on my language, when I laid it out I said it’s dangerous

I said it but those is comin back around me

Lord forgive my sins from when the first one started til the last one ends

For every time I think about sells and stands

Workship for a banz before friends ship

But certain when I came until the game it’s still the same

The day I was about to crack I keep sound the beats around the moves I make

About the rules it’s take

Move and what the Juda take still rock and cocaine

For seak got with that rule …

Time it’s like this: for whole my wallet tight high in my trees

Never saying that I’m animally

I’m staying separate the six degrees

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