The history of Dilated Peoples began in ‘92 when Iriscience and Evidence started a series of impromptu freestyle sessions at L.A.’s Hip Hop Shop. These two emcees slowly started evolving into the lyrically- and musically-strong creative force we are now familiar with. First signed with Immortal Records and later moving on to their current label, ABB records, the Dilated Peoples reflects the label’s motto always bigger and better. With raves and rants from critics describing the music as having smart turns of phrase, rhythmic drive and a cleverness (Urb Magazine, June 1997) and a tone that has funky, authentic, and integrity-driven intelligence (The New Testament of Club Culture, July 1997), it’s no wonder this group is a popular choice for mixtapes and a guaranteed find in any underground hip hop head’s vinyl collection. Their list of collaborations and connections seems infinite including Xzibit, DJ Lethal, E-Swift, Joey Chavez, T-Love, Redman, Defari, Visionaries, Rasco, Aceyalone, and the list go

es on and on. Ranging from involvement in production, emceeing, graffiti art, lifting fog off of hazy minds, and the Zulu nation, the Dilated Peoples unquestionably embody the hip hop culture. Unlike some groups nowadays, you can forget about all this media hype and you are still left with raw talent and a genuine hip hop mentality.