DILATED PEOPLES - Opinions May Vary lyrics

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Aye, yo, pardon my french

Fuck anybody and I fuck 'em with this

Start up the disc, a suicide, cut up yo wrist

Like a cheap watch, we spot something like this

Local dimebags from dirty nickle dimes licks

Dice shook with shady hands, walk in with that wrists

Did em with feces, go examine that shit

Like man you were sick, but you were not as sick as a nitch

These niggas not even chorus but dyin' to get rich

Well lot will they click, G6 to survive in this bitch

To fight with they chick, the same time deny they a snitch

Then lyin' is big, but ain't nobody buyin' that shit

They just waitin' for finer drivin' and when they down in they whip

Decline what they do, the powells gon' fly when they hit

Defy gravity, stupid conductive from the script

Y'all mad at me, and nothing y'all can do from the book

It's all strategy, you need a vacation or trip


Fuck y'all doin'?

It's only right that I address this

(Verse 2)

Existentialist in my temple

I shift the world without yo sketch force

I sketch the masterpiece with a pencil

As I led fire, sink that black, crispy outlined

UFO, sanctioned aliens is how the head flies with my red eyes

Heavy squittin' just to let light in

Learn the handshake, step right in

HEF, DEA wanna check my pit

It could stick a fiend bought and jumpstart adrenaline

The minimum is a spark, backyard like a national park

Animal sightings, heavy lightings but the flashes are dark

Everyone's an expert until the classes start

Askin' who the best is then watch the clashes start

I smack animated stones at yo head

With the Shock Kazula, Sun Tzu, strategy, one two

Boom, pif, rescue the princess and jump the broomstick

Lunatic on that dark side of the moon shit


Fuck y'all doin'?

It's only right that I address this

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