DILATED PEOPLES - Century Of The Self lyrics

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Nah, I don't bother with the Js Illuminati and blotblood

But I know TSA got me goin' the rock bud

Hollywood rules, the illusion is cruel

Bank awards planned and confusion is tooled

In fact, vampire swarms attack us

Grappled with vermin tracklers

Projecting two my worlds, battlefield two gallacta

They put the weapons at us and they bacaristic craps up

I said it's big business when they bring the secret fraps up

Big voma, check the rated disease

Big acrogee amose in the fate of the G's

Big Boyd in San Francisco still drill his four horsemen

Blockin' natural power, they rapin' nature for fortune

It's unfortunate, since you read it the self

Credit is loan, shark is jealous, parents empty the shelf

Universal babysits, Jimmy ? raise the kids

And they wonder how we all got caught up in this craziness

(Hook break)

We're the people of the future

Seem to see the evil known

Secret systems, regulations

(Verse 2)

It's a complete disaster, a glass ceiling and a greasy ladder

Hit the leader, strike the shepard and the people scatter

Daemons playn God, born again and born in sin

They're more in danger when they see the clouds with haupf stars begin

Some say it's fiction, some say Egyptian

Others pray with strangers and they somehow traded land and fortune for religion

Slavery ain't a color, bodies for these private prisons

Military business boomin' cravin' on these politicians

Suffice the courtroom check, watch the prisons, watches in the AA

Interpretations, now the system got ya

The letters been bugged, call for the exterminators

Mic control has been home, doctors build the terminators

Watch out for the shills, traders cutting deals

The agents plannin', manipulating from the field

The public return to the old days, democrat, old slaves

Figure businesses boss it all and they don't care who pays

(Hook break)

We're the people of the future

Seem to see the evil known

Secret systems, regulations

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