Desaster - Nekropolis Karthago lyrics

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The ancient walls of Karthago Punic power in the Mediterranean Devotion to the archaic gods The city the state of siege Mass sacrifice to appease the gods Unborn ones were pledged to die NEKROPOLIS KARTHAGO NEKROPOLIS KARTHAGO The rites of their forefathers Sons and daughters pass through the fire Burning as a gift to their deity Infant corpses and newborn ones Sacrificial victims on the pyre At the place of dreadful shadows NEKROPOLIS KARTHAGO NEKROPOLIS KARTHAGO Impenetrable mysteries of ancient times Praying to their gods mercy Obtain some great favour Through the precious in their lives They burn their sons for Baal Godlike act of vengeance "I demand their firstborn that I might horrify them" Burn for me! The rite of human sacrifice! NEKROPOLIS KARTHAGO NEKROPOLIS KARTHAGO All their sons passed through my fire Through the rite of human sacrifice

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