Desaster - Conqueror'S Supremacy lyrics

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Breed of justice Take their pride Cleanse their souls Break their minds Engulfing all what's Trinity Breed of renewal Burn their eyes Engulf their signs Teach them life Demonspawn Rise in chaos Kiss the world With lips of doom Goodbyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!! True prayers of profanation Hunters of Hades unite Might be a force of evolution Or only sinners for all time A vision to go far damned far To reach all places touch the stars A force to recreate the will to power Ancient dream feeds futures lullaby A race to gates to clear it all! To face the infinite truth of all! To mark your path with signs you spread! And catch the goal that once was set! Eternity to take! Immortality to break! An astral journey! Now make it home! Conqueror's Supremacy - Needful destruction of all sanctuary

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