DEF LEPPARD - We Belong lyrics

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Sometimes I feel I don’t belong here

Sometimes I just don’t feel

I feel so uninvited

Will hold the hand on the hills

I need a little shelter

Just for a little while

Sometimes I had the sadness behind the pretty smile


If you can get the storm

I will roll the rain

I will heal you, hold my hands and pray

I will hold back in time

Push it all all the sing in the deep

But I can be stronger


After all that I am, all that I see


But you don’t hold me down

Don’t hold me down

Just hold me here

After all that I am, all that I see


Just tell all right here

Cuz this can’t be wrong

It’s not where we belong


Whatever happened to forgiveness

I will heard how to say

What happen to the answers

Will disappear all the way

I had to ______(?) madness

Still lookin’ for the curse

And there’s nuthin’ left to chance

Well there’s nothin’ left to lose

Hear the voice in my head, scream the words I believe

And the light in the dark it’s the air that I breath

(Chorus x2)

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