Artist(Band):Def Leppard

In 1977 Def Leppard formed in Sheffield, Yorkshire by Pete Willis and Rick Savage and Tony Kenning, with the original name Atomic Mass. They acquired their current name when Joe Elliott joined. The group had rented a Small abandoned spoon factory for rehearsals. In 1978 they picked up a guitarist named Steve Clark. Their first gig was played at Westfield school July 18th. They were paid � out of a teachers pocket. In November drummer Tony Kenning was fired and replaced by Frank Noon and recorded their first EP. On November 28th that same year Rick Allen is hired for a permanent drummer. In 1979 Def Leppard gets their first airplay. And soon after they are signed by Phonogram and Mercury. On March 14th 1980, their debut album On Through The Night was released. In July 1981 they released their second album High 'N' Dry. In 1982 Pete Willis leaves the band and is soon replaced by Phil Collen (formerly of Girl) In January 1983, their third album Pyromania is released.

On December 31st 1984,just outside Sheffield, Rick Allen's car is overturned and he is thrown from the car. His left arm is severed. In 1985 Rick gets a Simmons electric drum kit and with determination begins to practice drumming with only one arm. In 1986 Def Leppard perform the Monsters of Rock Tour. It is to be Rick Allen's first performance since his accident and he was accepted with open arms. In August 1987 Def Leppard's fourth album, Hysteria, is released. The album with 7 of the tracks released as singles and selling over 15 million copies, was a huge success. In 1989 the band plays a new single Tear it Down at the MTV video music awards. It was the last show Steve Clark played. On January 8th 1991 in London, England Steve Clark died. He died after a long battle with alcoholism, he was 31 yrs. old.

In April 1992 Vivian Campbell joins the band and their 5th album Adrenalize is released. In 1993 their newest album and first to appear Vivian Campbell, Retro Active is released in August. In October 1995 their Greatest hits album, Vault is released. And the next year, 1996, Slang, is released in May. On March 16th 1999 Euphoria is released. July 31st 2002 Def Leppard Released their latest album X. They say their latest album was to show that Def Leppard has grown up. Now is the first single, and they plan to release Long long way to go as the second single.