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About to that day when get to give

I feel to that universe and another

See the well of that drowner to the kids

If you will want to help your brother

For the grimin’ except for that meanin’

And to be now one and other

I walk to choose and get all the bruising

Take time and beatin’ all the common


Say the drift come to the sea of love

Right on the mistle of the _____(?)

You’ll be sayin’ that the sea if love

Open your mind, pretend of what you find


Had just to go, pretend you how

A broken heart, congratulation

Wait for the drillin’ for the stop for all the diss

You’ll know the cause is in vain



Try to beat on the ups and beaitin’

Try to fear an it’s slap too heat

Try to go to the side as fallin’

Try to get and steal the fear


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