DEF LEPPARD - Invincible

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Just lay the ______(?) when the hero never dies

I handle more than when you look into my eyes

Lead it all and go kill the cage

I can tined the center stage

Bruise out to broke when love is out the door

I meet your tears dry before they end the floor

Gonna take the guilt now but I promise we’re back soon

You wake up scream and when I’ll leave the room


I am invincible cuz my love is here to stay

I am invincible and now will chase the ghost to ride

We will need a light in the darkness night

Just hear what I say

I am invincible

I’m not invisible

I am invincible


You give up movin’ round and fall it all back down

Higher then your dream will never gonna last

I never lookin’ for a side, a shiver lookin’ for a smile

Never know that thing will sleap away

(Chorus x2)

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