DEF LEPPARD - Energized

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Wildon king from coast to coast

Yeah navigate fown to the faust

Now voices say, get over drown

We get around, we get it now

One get to feel the atmosphere, heatin’ swear, get wild and bleed

Radio philosophy

Is what you feel not what you see

It’s shameless and it’s dangerous when I get to look at you

I’m the raddit when I’m stilly

I’m about to over lose


I’m feelin’ energize, ooh, ooh, oh

Like I were hypnotize

I’m feelin hypnotize

And I’m in paradise


The fire storm identity it’s what I am, it’s what I’ll be

The endless pullin under round

Laser fire for my count

Liberate that’s what you nee

Hittin’ spots on what I breath

Insensible and chemical

Environ be an animal

It’s either seams contagious when get to look at you

And the radic when I’m stadic

I’m about to over flow

(Chorus x 2)

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