DEF LEPPARD - Battle Of My Own

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Doctors fallin’, the midnight callin’

It’s a formal warnin’

The devils dawnin’

Gotta get my self back home

Got to munts and just some moans

I need a soul to be reborn

_____(?) will be just a kiss away

Just know your rise and be free

I got a battle of my own x 3

dead man walkin’, stivel talkin’

Lovers dreaming, then week will screaming

But now it’s time to just wait

So let’s get a little bench you lay

It’s like a deadly deja-vu

And it could be the death to you

Just close your eyes and be fre e

I got a battle of my own x 3

It’s just be say

Or just a fallin round raise

You got some tinted old base

And I feel no shame

Is this the same gangle

Or just a good man got insane

And my daddy now sleeping

To the dream to come today

Again and again

I got a battle of my own x 3

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