DEF LEPPARD - All Time High

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You as me to be your savior

But I’m a poast it boy for bad behavior

I’m at the edge to long way down

And livin’ out loud to the speed of sound

I can hear you callin’ out my name

You tell me the fade it’s callin’

Cuz all you see is dive as fallin’

Don’t let go, don’t lose your crib

Fire ask like a finger tips

Can’t you hear me callin out for more

You’re not beyond like a reckless crew

Back on feet and all over you

Faster than wherever been before


I’m on the long time high

Never givin’ up, never givin’ up

Never gonna die

I’m on the long time high

Give me the wings, give me then wings and fly

Shall we lye down and fall you

Now fallow me and rap behind me

This is the laugh but I wish now feed

Do what you want, I got all I need

The rain will melt and they can climb



Our words was beatin’ in the wood

Not be ______(?)

But now my heart is blusted at the seas

But I will not go cry and play x 2


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