Daz Dillinger

Daz Dillinger - U Make Me Wanna (Remix)

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(feat. Usher)

[Daz] [screamin in the backgroung]

And the party don't stop

[Usher x5]

Tell me what you gone do

What you gone do what you gone do

[Daz Dillinger]

I met her back in high school, used to dig out her homies

She never snitched on me cuz baby was in love

I was all she would dream of all she would think of

She worked nine to five, I rolled up smokin bud

Independent baby loved to live life exqist

From Atlanta G.A. and plus she new how to kick it

She wan't an erotic stripper

Dancin that's where I first met

Sayin' to myself "I gots to go get her"

Waved a hundred doller bill in the air

Said come here baby pulled up a chair

Got you shakin my very dear

That's when I said baby you the one work it the best

I say you the bomb and stuck a five down her chest

Buzzin lovin the scean was all what it seem

For me to get inside her world was all aplayers dream

She picked me up in a six hundreed

Music bangin and thumpin and the only thing she had to say ha ha

[Chorus x5: Usher]

How you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

Start a new relationship with you

This is what you do

Thinkin bout her and the thangs that come long ways

You make me you make me

[Daz: talking over the chorus]

Yea, that's how we be doing it baby

Ain't no fakin over here

Know what I'm sayin


You make me wanna leave the one I'm with

Come chill with you know what I'm sayin

Girl, cheack it out


At this point a situation I controled

I never ment to hurt her

but I, gotta let her go (gotta let her go)

and she may not understand

While all of this is going on

I try I try to fight but the feelings just to strong

[Daz Dillinger]

She said you Daz what's your fantsay

but you ain't ever had a pieace of pieace of ass like me

and when you get it once baby you can laugh at me

and then she worked it on a player so drastically

Baby got nasty when we least expected

The one who get so drunk and get butt naked

We don't be trippin when we walk inside the club

Chillin like a villain sayin what you thinkin of

Houl, houl tell me what you gone do

What you gone do, what you gone do

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