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David Gray - PASSION lyrics

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And so

I will TRY to articulate

the hardest poem of ALL

I will TRY to express

what love is

That is what I feel

for David

I imagine that some day

i will TOUCH him

hold him

No words need be spoken


It's hard to believe

that we will merge

in a SEA of passion

He lives so far away

so many callings

so many chores

But i suspect

that one day

we will indeed


in the enchanted garden

A dance like no other

because we can SEE

into each other's soul

Because we have felt

what each has known


if he doesn't come my way

if doesn't come true

if it's all MAKE BELIEVE

i will still love David

because i know

what he's been through

i have felt his PAIN

i have seen

what he has seen

David has finally found

His purpose

and I am so VERY

proud of him

for taking the road less traveled

I want to stroke his body

envelope his soul

kiss him all over

with every ounce of passion

that i am capable of

Like no other LOVE

he has ever known

He deserves to feel the heat

the heat

the heat

The struggle

to breathe



if he doesn't feel that love for me

then i will go

because i know

The key to love



that's what life is all about

i think they call it

unconditional love

I want David to find

his second heart

I want him to find LOVE

He should know

what it's like

To find what was once LOST

An odd and funny bloke he is

but still

Just a good man

tryin' to do the right thing

even if the costs are high

even if consumes every ounce

of his ENERGY

David speaks the truth

and, yes,

sometimes he makes mistakes

but he'll own up in a sec'

As we all should

when we realize

that we have erred

I want David to find


and serenity

even if i am not by his side

even if i am not his lady

because i know he truly is


A soaring spirit


and, yes

you will soon SEE

why David's heart

is nothing short

of a RAVING masterpiece!


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