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GO van GOGH!

The highs and lows of manic depression

moments of brilliance

coupled with the inability to tie one's own shoes

without completely losing patience

racing thoughts

no hunger

can't sleep

can't remember what day it is

incessant need to organize

overwhelmed by all the papers

all the books

walking fast

talking fast

forgetting important things

developing many plan Bs

if you can't find it

develop another plan

strangely, it feels like you've broken through

a cocoon

suddenly you remember everything

you ever wanted to do in life

develop a sixth sense

a very accurate sixth sense

no inhibitions

breaking through the river

between consciousness and subconsciousness

Integrating the two spheres

hard to comprehend

frightening and confusing

but also breathtaking !

somehow you can now communicate with

your subconscious self

manic depression

can motivate a person to live up to their

full potential

can awaken a person -- internally and externally

manic depression

can also bring out a person's worst attributes

overly-aggressive, dark and ugly

van Gogh suffered immeasurably from his illness

tried to resolve his conflicting emotions

through his paintings


many geniuses have suffered from this illness

evidence of their brilliance

can be found in lyrics

works of art




Van Gogh left his mark

but alas

he succumbed to the brilliant madness

died at a very young age

wrestled with his demons and lost

BUT before he went

he painted a portrait of himself

and Mona Lisa

what i suspect he was trying to say

is that even though he didn't

make it in his lifetime

he is hell-bent on coming back

in another vessel

in another shell

he will finish what he started

van gogh's spirit will never die

In fact, i think he lives in our midst today

just a matter of time before he makes himself

known to us

(minus one ear)

go van gogh

go van gogh

go van gogh


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