David Gray

David Gray - Bubbles lyrics

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come join me in the tub

as i bask in the warm

water with bubbles

cradling me from

head to foot

like a warm, soft blanket

in the winter time

humming to the music

in the background

watching the candles

flicker with an orangey

blue glow

feeling so pretty

in my birthday clothes

so soft and sensual

a gentle breeze floating in

curtains swirling like gowns

twirling at a ballroom dance

contemplating all

the shapes and sizes

of those sparkling bubbles

feels like i stole a piece

of the rainbow

inhaling the lilac scent

oh, so sweet

feels like i've taken

the fast track to heaven

the fast track to heaven

cleansing my soul

renewing my energy

so i can begin a new day

with no worries

time to shed the layers of anger

the layers of disappointment

a time for peace

a feeling of calm

a time for hope renewed

after i've lost the weight

of this world

i step out of the tub

feeling like a brand new girl

ready to be smothered

by open arms

and honeysuckle kisses


copyright 2005

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