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David Gray - Brushstroke lyrics

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Brush Stroke

with one brush stroke

i attempt to paint

a picture of you

your beautiful face

the soft lines

around your eyes

your hair blowing

in the gentle wind

sparkling eyes

that stop me

in my tracks

i trace your face

with my hands

so that i may

get a more accurate

sense of how

to draw you

but after

my loving hands

touch your face

i cannot paint

a single stroke

i am so entranced

so mesmerized

by your beautiful face

by your spell

YOU are poetry in motion

poetry in motion

i fear that i am

destined to fail

i'm just not

up to the task

how can i paint perfection

it would be

an exercise in futility

to try to paint

my lover's face

i know

it would be a mistake

to even try

because i simply can't

duplicate the beauty

of your face

just touching it

leaves me

weak in the knees

your body

is a work or art

i pay homage to


as i trace the

outline of your hands

gliding my lips

across your fingertips

genius lover

genius lover

that's what you used to call me

because i know what you need

i know just how to please you

do you think it's just

a stroke of luck or perhaps

i've really thought about

what would give you

the utmost pleasure

no genius lover

just thoughtfulness

thoughts filled with you

and how thankful i am that

i was able to share some space

with the wonder of you

you make love to me

like i'm a work or art

i see the love light

in your eyes

and i feel so grateful

to have crossed paths

with the likes of you

oh, the poetry of you

the poetry of you

the poetry of you

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