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David Gray - Ashes In The Wind lyrics

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Ashes in the Wind

i hold you close in my arms

as we take our last stroll

down the beach


with seagulls screeching overhead

and waves crashing

and thrashing towards the shore

my eyes well-up

and tears stream down my face

an overwhelming sense of sadness

takes hold of me

and as we climb the mountainous sands

i think about the sound of your laughter

i remember our first piggyback ride

and the first time that we danced


i wonder why the more i learn

the more i realize

how much i don't know

as we reach the top of the cliff

i stand still

mesmerized by the beauty

of the deep blue sea

and calmed by the peaceful

breaking waves

as i open your urn

my hands shake

with sadness and pain

i remove your ashes from

your temporary home

and toss them into the wind

ashes in the wind

ashes in the wind

then i bury your urn

in one of our favorite nooks

deep in the sand on the cliff

so that traces of you will forever be

part of La Jolla Beach

then i trudge back to the shore below


then i realize that your ashes

are swirling all around me

blowing in the wind

then i feel joy in knowing

that you are free

from your earthly shell

and that you will find me

when my time comes

until then

i know that our love will last

as we move from this life to the next

and so i wait

to see your face once again

and when i do

i will remember that


our love is stronger

than a waking giant

and it will endure

until the end of time

ashes in the wind

ashes in the wind

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