Daphne Loves Derby

Daphne Loves Derby - Kent Loves Gig Harbor

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Can we try? I've saved my best for you tonight. This is the very last day that I have alive, because without you here I die. So don't tell me, cause I already know that nothing in the world would mean a single thing, until you are here with me and I've shared it with you. I need to get these words out before I choke. My rooms on fire and the headboard to my bed is broken: And so am I. From all these nights, that I've spent alone. I should have known, if I let you into my heart, that you would be tearing it down from the start. Grab a map to see how close we really are, and pretend that I feel blessed but I know that I'm not because your leaving. Underneath the shade of this tree, please look me in the eyes and tell me you love me because I need to hear that lie.

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