Daphne Loves Derby

Music is all about finding melodies and lyrics that love each other, and putting them together. Nothing what so ever feels better than hearing a song for the first time, and knowing it will be your favorite for weeks to come. Music is the purest, most amazing representation and celebration of human emotion.

We started this band just so we can try and be a part of something that amazing. We work together knowing that there is so much more to learn and understand about music, but that process of maturing is half of the fun. Our experiences with this band have been nothing but amazing due to our loving friends, and our attitude towards the music. Playing in this band is our hobby, our love, our passion; nothing more, and nothing less. There are many goals to accomplish, and so many dreams to follow; but for now, we are simply just a band of kids trying to have a good time.

We have been recording and mastering all of our songs at home, but this August, we will be going in the studio for the very first time to make the "Closing Down The Pattern Department EP." it will be available online for sale in September. Tell all of your friends!

Source: http://www.daphnelovesderby.com/