Daniela Lujan

Born on April 5, 1988 to Miguel Barrios Luján and Amalia Rodríguez Gómez, she is the youngest of 3 daughters. She started her artistic career at the age of 5 when she played on the show Plaza Sésamo (Mexican version of Sesame Street). She shot to fame in 1997 with the telenovela Luz Clarita, where Daniela played the main character, seven-year-old Luz Clarita. Daniela went on to star in other telenovelas like El diario de Daniela and Cómplices al Rescate which she completed after Belinda dropped out. She also contributed to the soundtracks for the telenovelas. She has released two solo albums, one in 1999 titled Por Un Mundo Mejor (For a better world) and the other in 2001 titled Corazón.com (Heart.com).

She has been nominated for a Grammy Award twice.

In 2004 she signed a contract with Menudo creator Edgardo Diaz, who is now in charge of her singing career. On July 2009, Lalola's Mexican remake with Pedro Fernandez. She is currently working on her debut album, which will be release sometime this year.


TV Series
(2007) Una Familia De 10 - Gaby Del Valle
(2002) Cómplices al rescate - Mariana Cantú / Silvana Del Valle Ontiveros # 2
(2001) Primer amor... tres años después - Sabrina Luna Guerra
(2000) Primer amor... a mil por hora- Sabrina Luna Guerra
(1999) El diario de Daniela- Daniela Monroy 'Danni'
(1996) Luz Clarita - Luz Clarita
(1995) La dueña - Regina (pequeña)
(1993) Plaza Sésamo - Maria

(2009) Wicked - Nessarose
(2006) Vaselina (Mexican version of Grease) - Licha
(2005) Centella, Tierra de Magia y Estrellas - Princesa Catite
En dónde está el Mago de Oz
Ariel, una historia de mar
Caperucita Roja - Caperucita Roja
Despues del Adios
El sueño de una Flor Sick!<3

(1998) Angelito mío

(2004) Ritmo y Sabor
(2002) Generacion del Milenio
(2002) Alebrije

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