CRADLE OF FILTH - Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych lyrics

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Winter gotten soul, right wing of the garden triptych

I've watched the fallen of the grounds

And all the weeping

Whisper the rumor never told

One layer of the wind purr

Fate is racing down this civil burn

Now, those who check owls

Before the falls

Run thunder from the hall of arms

They think I just keep on

I keep it far apart

Fiend with the virtue

Guy go with his skiddish mind

Puritans keep whipping tempting pythons

This is the beginning to the mortal

Went on pass

We belong, we belong in sacredest paths

We belong, we belong in dreams we'll be found

Find the splinter, lungs start turning

Adverse seems forgot

I go on to prove that there were righteous to be burned

I simply yearn for the minds and the hide of those yet unborn

Running to the fall down depths of hell

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