CRADLE OF FILTH - King Of The Woods (Bonus Track) lyrics

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Faster see more, the naked sense of mirror

For the moon that shimmers high above

The sacrificial madness can't be clearer

It shall be just a shake, a crate of maul

(The hacyant of folks claim the sacred grove)

Wedding the priest, a wisp of greet

Is existent to this ancient fire

The king of the woods stands fortress tall

On the moulten cloud

In the leverage of the madman

Fight now, find defect the thousand

Take it home!


It's happening tonight

Close med field of the burden to be born

Here come a fight, events sick

Against my defense, again re-born

Dee fi fight on the gravest stake

The badge awaits the mourn

Few are scared to watch

There's little pain

When your temple bells begin to bleed

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