CRADLE OF FILTH - Hammer Of The Witches lyrics

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Breastfed with dementia

Familiar with the circle dose-ness

My nature's vital stop

The close fullness of venture

Desecrate a pack of locusts

The path stay there to own extinction


Death is plenty to its blow

Inquisition defloat us

Sending the bed to the fights

Straight dominion of gorgeous

A time to shade

Decision of bodies to gaunter

Visions are pock with a game

I'm rebuting your daughter

Destined her stings from the heart

I say, tore the daemon bell

Corruption in the hearts of men

So young, their hearts form fowl

Masked desecrators

The blue lagoon past secret opens

A titan might unknown

Breast will taste felatia

A taste latent of frequent rumors

Our coins have sprained to meet this something

A starving mannequin

I leash her on the curse


Stars with no limit go broke

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