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Foul snake despair

Where once you darkened gardens

Another coils there

Where twice you sliced all hope from me

And left these present scars

An insane love now burns above

The weft of incandescent stars

Hilt your dripping fangs that range

Skywards to rend apart

I might have sang of wings unchained

But long before I locked my heart

For Gabrielle

A fit and perfect stitch of foreign parts

Whose beauty fostered poets

Whose laugh like silver belts

Thawed your bitter winter from my path


Foul snake despair

Where once you peddled secrets

Another spoils there

With speech that sweetens drowning

In deep lagoons of eyes

And legs that begged apologies

For lengths that mesmerised

Spare your hissing sentiments

For her fee welts more than thine

Though no malice she weans

Just a palace of dreams

Where windswept chambers pine

For Gabrielle

Whose hair-spun onyx is run with gold

Her rouge lips smack of dark blood

Her name in whisper rolls

Forever on my tongue

Lest her memory dissolve


Oh, Gabrielle

Once crucified

I would have died

A thousand more times

Just to feel her breath

On my neck as a fervent lover

To drown her sighs

In floods of tears so well refined

And blind from spying her

In the arms of others



Buried inside

Where she's all but mine

Save for those that dine

Oh her, on her perfect carcass



Foul snake despair

Where once you wreaked my misery

Another toils there

For long lost Gabrielle

Whose nightly spreading grin

Persists in other faces

By whom I'm slowly taken in

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