CRADLE OF FILTH - Enshrined In Crematoria lyrics

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This night is chill, my ghost in the woods after the werewolves

My heart is pounding with the stars

I feel the darkness rising!

Impressed, impressed by your voices with the magic

Smack out the culture thieves

This feeding novelty

Now the connections speak as enshrined in Crematoria

A sight of windy light to conger up in the crest dub

It is a grave of no deprave

Upon a sacred chest, yeah!

No more taking for the loved ones

Anybody care for the meaningful dare

Out flowers marching over the scene

Like a blown down menace of doom

Fiend the pervaders of crescent scent

Like nothing direct is responsible

Unite under the present of God again!

Erupt the confrere, the diem

It is like my deeds are a prison

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