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Color Me Badd - Trust Me lyrics

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I knew you were the perfect girl

For my love

For you I thank the stars in the

Heaven above

Love of my life

Time was on our side

It took you quite a while to hold my hand

I was patient baby

It was all in the plan

Oh sweet love is blind

I showered you with kisses and flowers

Held you through the days and the midnight hours

Did it all because that I wanted

To open your heart and make


You trust me

The meaning in my life a sunny day

I need you as a light to show me the way

You're a vision of love

Or baby didn't you know

This love is gonna last

Until the end

You're never gonna have to

Be alone again

I'll never let you go


Just a little more time

Girl I know you'll be mine

Just a little more

Just a little

And with a little more love

Girl I know that it's just

Just a matter of trust

Girl if you really want me

I really want to be

Right there by your side or eternity

And if you really wanna know

I'll never let you go my baby baby

I only want you to trust me

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