Color Me Badd

Color me badd, formed in 1987, and consisted of four members, these are, Mark Caderon, Bryan Abrams, Sam Watters, & Kevin Thornton, all hailing from Oklahoma City. CMB got there big break, after performing for Robert 'kool' Bell, ( from kool & the gang ), he loved it! he told them to move to New York to sign a record deal, which they did, and the rest as they say is history!!!

There first single 'I wanna sex you up' which appeared on the 'New Jack City' soundtrack, exploded into the U.S.charts, going top 5, and stayed around for over a year! their debut album, 'CMB' was also a huge hit, both going platinum!!! CMB got their first number 1 with the single 'I adore mi amor' and the next single 'All 4 love' also hit number 1. The album also spawned other top 20 singles, which were, 'Slow motion' & 'Thinkin' Back' Here in the U.K. 'I wanna sex you up' entered the charts at 24, but after continuous air play, reached the Number 1 spot and stayed there for 4 weeks!! the album 'CMB' peaked at number 2, and stayed in the top 40 for over 4 months. next released was 'all 4 love' which reached the number 3 position, 'I adore mi amor',number 37, & 'Heartbreaker' ,number 52, were also released.

Back in the U.S. CMB could do no wrong, they even appeared on the t.v. show Beverley Hills 90210, they next released the single, 'Forever Love' from the 'Mo Money' soundtrack, that went top 10, number 7. they released a remix album entitled 'Young Gifted & Badd' to keep fans happy while they worked on their eagerly awaited follow up!!! In 1993, cmb's second album 'Time and Chance' was released, it spawned only 2 singles 'Time and Chance' & the top 10 single 'Choose'. in the U.K. 'Young Gifted & Badd' & 'Time and Chance' were never actually officially released, but the singles 'Time and Chance' number 56, & 'Choose' number 49, were. After a lenghty hiatus, Color me badd finally returned onto the scene, with the 1996 album, 'Now and Forever', the single, 'The earth, the sun, the rain' brought CMB, back to the forfront, going top 10, reaching number 8, their second hit single 'sexual capacity' also appeared on the 'Striptease' soundtrack.

But yet again here in the U.K. there was no official release, of either the album or any singles.