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Color Me Badd - Time and Chance lyrics

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Don't it hurt so bad... (Time..

And it hurt so bad... Chance..)

Tryin' to find the faith before the fall

Good man's down, while a bad man's standin tall

Strongest one don't always win them all

Going crazy, going crazy

Time and Chance

Chorus (oh chance and time)

The way they do my life is going round

Never straight up, sideways, upside down

Brothers livin' six feet underground

Oh got me crazy, I'm so crazy

ohh...Time and Chance


So bad.. so, so bad

A poor man lives in happiness

A millionaire evil as he wanna be

A good man going hungry....

‘Cause of Time and Chance

Chorus (Don't it hurt)

I'm tryin to find the faith before the fall

A good man's down, while a bad man's standing tall

A strong man don't always, win ‘em all

I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, baby!

Don't it hurt so bad? (Oh it really hurt so bad)

And it hurt so bad, (Tell me can you feel the pain?)

Don't it hurt so bad (Time and Chance)

And it hurt so bad (So bad, so, so, bad)

(It really hurt so bad, no one can stand the pain, Now is all about Time and Chance)

Time and Chance......Don't it hurt so bad

So bad, so bad

Don't hurt so bad

And it hurt so bad......

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