Color Me Badd

Color Me Badd - Slow Motion lyrics

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Ooh sock it to me mama

Oh I thought I saw a pussy cat baby (all right)

Ya she looks like she can be my personal steady,

Ya, let me make this move.

Baby I want cha very bad babe (I do)

And I've been wanting you for so long, oh

And I could never love you fast babe (not you)

I take my time and love you all night long

All night, Yeah,

You know that I want your love

Let me make it right, For you...

All night, You're the one I'm thinking of

Once I make it right

Baby I know you will never go (talk to me ma'ma)



I like to love you in slow motion

Ooh ya got it goin on (slow)

Let me love you slow, slow

I like to love you slow so morning will come before I do

Let me love you, slow (slow motion is better then no motion, baby)

Ah, come on

My motor is round

You got this animal hype in ya

I gotta slow it down

To get my timing right

Baby I think you're very sexy (sing the song, sing the song) I do

Come over here and get a little bit closer to me, yeah

The time has come for me to love you real slow, slow

Motion lover is what they call me! (good God!)


(How do you wanna do it baby)

Oh 20 miles an hour is the speed I drive (all night)

Aint nothin' wrong, I just take my time.

(Yeah but-)Yo check this out (yeah, hey, hey)

Don't get offended if I fall for a little behind baby, yeah! (all right)

20 miles an hour and uh, your rump is mine Yeah!

Repeat Chorus

All night, you know that I want your love

let me make it right- for you

(tie my hands behind my back baby)

All night (you see where I am coming from)

Your the one I'm thinkin' of

Once I make it right.

Oh “Make it Good” is my national anthem baby

Some slow and sloppy loven,

Is worth gold and diamonds

Like a turtle and hare - I promise I will be there

(oh am I in? On my honor I will do my best to steal all I can

and bonk the rest. yeah!

You all just as crazy as joy!

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