Color Me Badd

Color Me Badd - Secret Lovers lyrics

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I never really thought that this could happen

Me fallin' in love with you girl

We were always good friends

Now how do we ever start explaining

Coz being my best friend

I know he would'nt understand

Now how did we get this far

Coz i remember all the things my mother said


What's in the dark

Must come to the light

You know we can't go on

Livin' a lie

We can hide the truth and make believe

For only so long

Before they discover

That we're secret lovers

Now tell me what we do about our situation

Coz it's only fair that they both know what's going on

Now tell me what we do about our obligations

Before we both destroy our happy homes

Now how did we let it get this far

Girl i don't know but love has taken control


You know we can't go on

You know we can't let it go

Although we've gotta try

Although faith ain't on our side

You know i'm feelin' inside

We can no longer disguise

We know they're gonna find out

We know without a doubt

The word is gonna get out


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