Color Me Badd

Color Me Badd - Remember When (OKC mix) lyrics

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Nothing could be harder to believe

To feel my world just fade away from me

I pray that maybe time will help me see... see

Holding on with loving memories..... sweet memories


Remember when

I could see forever in your eyes

Remember when

Together we could leave the world behind

I've got nothing to lose, nothing to hide

I`ll cherish these memories to help me survive

Can't we get it back again

Remember when

I'm searching for that unforgotten who

I know what it seems

The day that you can wrap me in your wings

we`ll fly.. ( we`ll fly).... we`ll fly

You know, i'm longing for the magic of your touch

And i thank god

I've never given up the chance to trust

I`ll hold you again baby


I know i'll be holding on to thoughts of yesterday

And this silence could fade away

I keep holding on to the times we shared baby

You know i'll never,never let you go let you go


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