Color Me Badd

Color Me Badd - How Deep lyrics

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I see the time hands

They're tickin' by me every day

Fallin' in love

While I feel your love slippin' away

But if you should fall

I'll be there to catch you

In 40 years I could never miss you

Baby I'll be there for you

But first you got to let me know


How deep is your love

Are you willin' to go

Every extra mile to show

That you're fallin' in love

Like I am fallin' deeper in love

With you baby doll

You are my savior

Got me through my deepest darkness girl

And I still love you

But I feel your love is leavin' my world

Don't you remember

You use to hold me

When you said you'd never leave me

It doesn't feel the same anymore

So baby please just let me know

Chorus (Repeat)

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