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Color Me Badd - Heartbreaker lyrics

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Yo, why you wanna' play me like that?

Girl, every time I see you

You're with a different man

You tell'em that you love ‘em

And then take every thing you can

You're living life in the fast lane

You're no longer Daddy's girl

Can't stay with just one man

You gotta' love them all around the world

I've got my eye on you

And I know just what you are

You're just a using girl

You drive me like a car


You're a money taker and a heartbreaker

You'll never find yourself a true love to hold

You're a money taker and a heartbreaker

Baby...your heart's just too cold


Time keeps tickin' by you

So you better make up your mind

Are you gonna' let somebody love you

For more than just one night

You get everything you ask for

So you have no need to steal

We'd all be dead right now

If pretty looks could kill


Girl, I know your fly but tell me why

Must you even try to take what I have earned

Just wait your turn, from what I see

you got a lot to learn about life, being a wife or

Even just being my girl

Is false hype so word, change you attitude

You gotta' learn to show some gratitude

Yeah, I'm on your trip but girl don't flip

‘Coz I'm hip to the way you trip so just skip

All the fun and games, I know you're a faker

Yo tell ‘em what she is....a money taker!


Yo, the B is not a fool so what do you take me for

You think you're gettin' over, well take a look at the score

Yo 1,2,3, yep you're outta' here, I', letting you go

Savin' the rest of my tears, for someone who will

Treat me right like I should be, not tryin' to break my heart

Nor take my money, just like you drove me

Then you been driven, so get out of my life

And get into the hard livin'


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