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Color Me Badd - For All Eternity lyrics

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Many a night I lie alone

Inside a room that's not of my own

Having no one to hold onto

who'd understand what I am going through.

So I at night, lay down a plan

to occupy myself to make me a better man.

That's the only way I get through the night.

So I don't turn off the lights....


And I wait for all eternity

for someone who will comfort me,

and as time passes

I get vivid flashes of you running through my mind. (oh yeah)

Many a morning sun appears

wake up and find on my face a tear

Coz' from the vivid dream in my head,

of you in arms, but it's my pillow instead.

So real did it feel way our bodies met.

The softness of your hands, your lips, on my neck.

God I wish you were here.

My desire is sincere

I need you near.

But I guess I must wait,

For all eternity

For someone who will comfort me.

and as time passes,

I get vivid flashes of you run-in' through my mind.

Where? Where are you?

I need to know (oh I need to know)

I searched high and low.

I need you so.

But I guess I must wait.....

Repeat Chorus

I'll follow you

I'll follow you.

Where ever you go.

I get lonely sometimes (lonely, lonely......

I ‘m goin' be right here.

right here.

Here all by myself.

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