COLLECTIVE SOUL - Smashing Young Man

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Beggar's description<br>Of what I've been missing<br>Exploit your position<br>Don't think I didn't listen<br>Hey I hope you're feeling<br>A little better now<br><br>Success is so tragic<br>Pain is your gadget<br>Your tongue's just lashing<br>Just bitching by habit<br>Hey I hope you're feeling<br>A little purer now<br>Hey I hope you're feeling<br>Securer now<br><br>Help me I plea<br>I don't understand<br>Your ways and means<br>You smashing young man<br>Help me to see<br>The good you have planned<br>You're wearing thin<br>You smashing young man<br><br>You preach synthetic-like<br>Peace is an oversight<br>It's nothing to ignite<br>Your self-lit spotlight<br>Hey I hope you're feeling<br>A little special now<br>Hey I want to tell you<br>I think you're special now<br><br>I don't recall asking for guidance<br>I don't recall wanting to<br>I don't recall bowing before you<br>But I'm so impressed<br>With the kindness in your attitude

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