COLLECTIVE SOUL - Sister Don't Cry

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Overseas through the air<br>Touched your heart down with care<br>All the thoughts left behind<br>Soon will catch you in time<br>Well, if I could, you know I would<br>Let salvation reign on you<br>So, won't you push away<br>All this pain that you've been through<br><br>Sister don't cry<br>Sister don't cry no more<br>Sister don't cry anymore<br><br>While the scenes shuffle 'round<br>Let your world anchor down<br>Pull your heart from your sleeve<br>First react then believe<br>You won't always get thunder<br>To warn you of stroms ahead<br>So bury all this pain<br>And get on with your life again<br><br>Conquer some serenity<br>Lay yourself in fields of poetry<br>Close your eyes to all you see<br>Lay your weary head here with me

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