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Tangled up your twisted tongue. it's simple.<br>Mesmerize your everyday. it's simple.<br>Hey hey can't you see? <br>Love is all that you should need.<br>Can't you see? <br><br>Ease your troubled mind.<br>Let love seek and let love find. it's simple.<br>Ease your weary soul.<br>Let love lead and let love flow. it's simple.<br><br>Pry into combative times. it's simple.<br>Forfeit all lush concerns. it's simple.<br>Hey hey don't you care? <br>Love is all that you should share.<br>Don't you care? <br><br>Cleanging out your tarnished heart. it's simple.<br>Learning from each other can be simple.<br>Hey hey don't we know? <br>Love is all that we should know.<br>Don't we know?

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