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Hey your thirsty<br>Walking in the desert all alone<br>Hey you're now searching<br>Lost in isolation from your soul<br>The bullets you bite<br>From the pain you request<br>You're finding it harder to digest<br>And the answers you seek<br>Are the ones you destroy<br>Your anger's well deployed<br>Hey why can't you listen<br>Hey why can't you hear<br>Hey why can't you listen<br>As love screams everywhere<br>Hey you now hunger<br>Feeding your mind with selfishness<br>Hey you now wander<br>Aimlessly around your consciousness<br>Your prophecies fail<br>And your thoughts become weak<br>Silence creates necessity<br>You're clothing yourself<br>In the shields of despair<br>Your courage now impaired<br>Your crucify all honesty<br>No signs you see do you believe<br>And all you words just twist and turn<br>Reviving just to crash and burn<br>You're fighting to the bitter end<br>If only your heart could open up<br>And listen

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