COLLECTIVE SOUL - I Don't Need Anymore Friends

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I'm out of my head

And it's not the way that I wanted to feel

This loneliness and dread

gets your attention, makes us real

I'm going nowhere and it's slowly sinking in

I don't stand a chance

Until you get me out of here

I just don't have the will to pretend

I'm running for the door

Can you get me out of here?

I really don't need anymore friends

Well turning it on

It's getting harder and harder to do

Well don't get me wrong

That's dedication, good for you

It's just your atmosphere that brings me to my knees

Not anymore

No not anymore

Don't take it bad

Don't look so sad

If I turn around and walk away

Don't take it hard

I'll try to play that part

But I'm having such a bad day

And I'm not that much fun anyway

Not anymore

No not anymore

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