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1/2 step down<br />

(1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4)<br />

<br />

We'll talk about the sky and how it shines<br />

We'll talk about the seas and the Ocean's tide<br />

We'll talk about pain we all receive<br />

We'll talk about hope and how you'll believe, you'll learn to believe...<br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus:]</i><br />

Ohh Ohh, here I go<br />

Ohh Ohh, this is all I know<br />

Ohh Ohh, it's time to start<br />

Ohh Ohh, a heart to heart<br />

<br />

We'll talk about sights you will see<br />

We'll talk about songs you'll learn to sing<br />

We'll talk about Mom, we'll talk about me<br />

We'll talk about love and what it means, cause love's all you'll need...<br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus]</i><br />

<br />

And I'm only hear to teach<br />

Yeah I'm only hear to learn<br />

Cause sooner than you'll think<br />

Boy it'll be your turn<br />

So no excuses, no complaints, no restrictions, no restraints for...<br />

<br />

You <i>[4x]</i> <i>[Chorus]</i><br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus 2x]</i><br />

<br />

Heart to heart <i>[4x]</i>



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