COLLECTIVE SOUL - Goodnight, Good Guy

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Somebody told me about a worn out distraction<br>That I had let slip away<br>Then it comes back and rides my shoulders<br>And burdens me every new day<br>Well I'll just sit here like a slow burn out<br>And try to figure out how to do without you<br><br>Who's going to straighten me up when I'm leaning<br>Who's going to soothe my heart when it's burning<br>Who's going to be the one to tell me everything's<br>All right well, goodnight, good guy<br><br>I'll break the bread of a new day and wonder<br>If faith will carry me along<br>But days are longer as my heart gets weaker and<br>I can only stay so strong<br>Well I'll just sit here like a wounded soul<br>Who's finding it difficult to just let go<br><br>I'm gonna let you sleep<br>I'll let you fade off in the night<br>I pray the lord to keep<br>I pray the lord to hold you tight<br>Goodnight

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