Circle Of Dead Children

Circle of Dead Children formed solely for the purpose of creating aural decimation and giving its members the pure rush that is only found within this creation. Anything that happens after this objective is looked upon entirely as bonus. We would definitely hope that listeners take time to feed off of the words and feel the underlying expression that each song represents. No song is without heartbeat and honest emotion. If a certain song that we have generated could possibly serve as a catalyst for another person's mental inspiration, we could be no happier. In actuality, we all know that the chance of that happening is usually very rare nowadays. Nonetheless, the possibility always exists, and we will always entertain the hope that our listeners focus not only on the music, but also on the words.

The original members of THE CIRCLE were: Jon Miciolek (drums), Jason Andrews (guitar), Jon Kubacka (guitar), Dave Good (bass) and Joe Horvath (vocals). This is the lineup found on the ‘Starving the Vultures’ CD/LP, the first release from the band, and ’Exotic Sense Decay’ Cdep / 7” picture disc. From there the band parted ways with Dave Good who was soon replaced by an old friend and fellow noise-maker of past, Alf Kooser. This lineup would spew out the CD / LP, ’the Genocide Machine’. Shortly after recording ’the Genocide Machine’, Kubacka decided that he no longer had the wish to continue swimming in the sewage, and withdrew from the band. Shortly after New Years, 2002, Miciolek decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf and leave CODC. Shortly before his departure, the band began practicing with Mike Rosswog on drums, anticipating the change in drummers. Mike instantly took over and CODC, literaly, never missed a beat. Fortunately, each member (past and present) carried various influences to the table when creating and shaping the band. A universal goal of utilizing the entire assorted musical influence was set. Grind, death, crust, doom, thrash, hardcore, black and noise are the main ingredients. While crafting songs, we attempt to bring the elements of emotion and sincerity into the uproar without ever compromising the absolute intensity and sonic punishment of the delivery.

The moniker, Circle of Dead Children, is not meant to reflect absolute gore, sickness, adolescent dismemberment or anything like that, although it often gets categorized in such a manner. While we fully relish and support the repugnant gore-grind scene and all of it's abhorrent world, it would have been ridiculous for us to parade as such a band. With a world of nauseating influence constantly revolving around us, the lyrical output is tangled within the social, political and interpersonal boundaries…all the while retaining an unsettling psychological perspective on everything. The vision that we had when developing the name was that of an enormous circle of flags, gathered from numerous nations, laid down into the dirt. Upon each flag lay the wasted remains of one of its children of the country. It was from that dismal impression that the name, Circle of Dead Children, was chosen..........