Chaotica - Ultra Violence

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Step up, step up, then get down. What's up? What's up?

Turn around. Take this, take this, for all to see.

Don't piss on me baby! Warriors of chaos fightin' a

battle, Slaughtering each other like they're

motherfuckin' cattle. Holdin' down the trigger,

sprayin' destruction, Battlefield is supercharged like

NO2 induction. Death and pain is lyin' on the ground,

Shoutin' out for help but no help can be found. Fat

man atomic B-O-M-B slams into the ground just in time

for you to see the mushroom cloud risin' above your

head, when the shockwave hits you're ass is just as

good as dead. And vaporized, like a sci-fi laser,

charred to the bone like a million-volt taser -

phazer, it'll amaze her. Chaos is comin' - you can bet

it will phase her, like a crash test gone wrong; Dummy

through the window and the dummy's singin' your song.

The company fled a river of red. Load, cock, bang!

There's a hole in your head and now you're dead from

the lead you're fed that bled dread; There's nothin'

left to do but make a coffin your bed I said. Break it

down to the underground, break it down town and all

around. Take down, shake down. Break it, shake it,

take it, don't fake it - Fist against your face and

your face won't make it!

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