CHAOTICA - a group of young musicians who see music as the only positive outlet for the formless angst generated by a world over which they have no control. CHAOTICA is part of a new generation of metal / industrial / techno influenced artists who are determined to make a difference within our music culture as they do their part to offer the world what they consider to be the essence of our most extreme emotions translated in the language of audio.

CHAOTICA is composed of Dan Bush (vocals, guitar, keyboards / programming, songwriting), Gary Toth (lead / rhythm guitars), John Koch (bass), and Jeff-X (drums). Although all the members of CHAOTICA contribute to the band, the main creative force behind the music is Dan Bush. Dan founded the CHAOTICA project soon after graduating high school, and spent two years writing, performing, and recording the music which would later become known as CHAOTICA's debut album "Turbocharger." Recorded in CHAOTICA's own studio and produced by Shane Semler (The Dark Aeons, Insilico), Turbocharger is an energetic mix of rough, underground textures, mixed with polished, professional production with catchy hooks and melodies.

Though Turbocharger was quite an achievement (especially for the band's first semi-professional effort), Dan wanted to further the CHAOTICA project by harnessing the energy of the album and bringing it onto the stage. He was lucky enough to find three additional talented musicians who were also dissatisfied with the current state of the local music scene, and were looking for something exciting and different. Gary Toth, John Koch, and Jeff-X, all friends since high school and active members in the local music scene, really liked what they heard in CHAOTICA's sound and jumped at the chance to help Dan push Turbocharger into the eyes and ears of the public.

Turbocharger, released in June of 1999, instantly stirred up the local scene like nothing before. CHAOTICA was signing autographs at their very first show. The audience heard and saw something they never experienced before from a local band - an exciting, powerful, energetic performance, filled with unrestrained showmanship, addictive hooks, and a hybridization of sound that possessed the most appealing elements from several modern musical genres. Instant success. Filling local venues to capacity, CHAOTICA continued to shock hundreds with their unflagging levels of energy and stamina. CHAOTICA then independently released Turbocharger on a national level by way of securing a national distribution contract with Valley Media - a company who made Turbocharger available (via special order) at almost every major record store chain and music retail website in the country. Word rapidly spread, and it wasn't long before CHAOTICA's song "Black Rose" was chosen to appear on the Extreme Essentials Vol. 3 CD; a compilation album assembled by WEJE (now WXTW), Fort Wayne's commercial Alternative Rock radio station, featuring only 15 of the 170 total songs submitted by local artists. CHAOTICA's music began to receive specialty show airplay on several radio stations across the Midwest. CHAOTICA continued to climb the charts as their music appeared in the number 1 spot of the most downloaded songs from all music genres combined on in March 2000, and also appeared in the number 7 spot of most downloaded Industrial Rock songs on Then, a remix of CHAOTICA's song "Drill" (entitled "Powerdrill"), engineered by Patrick Korst, was chosen to appear on the next WEJE compilation album (Extreme Essentials Vol.4). At that point, it became obvious that there was sufficient demand for CHAOTICA's music in the radio market, as the song "Powerdrill" (taken from CHAOTICA's remix album entitled "Offset Impact") was added to airplay rotation on WEJE. CHAOTICA also appeared on the X-Essentials Vol. 5 Compilation CD in 2001 with their song "Where Was God?"

CHAOTICA album and merchandise sales soared, and in February of 2001, Radio & Records (the music industry's largest trade magazine) wrote a column about CHAOTICA's imminent success. Immediately following, the major record companies started contacting CHAOTICA, inquiring about CHAOTICA's future plans and projects, and requesting promo materials. Currently, CHAOTICA hopes to secure a recording contract in the near future so that they may broaden the availability of their music.

CHAOTICA has since appeared in various music publications, including a feature article in the April 12th issue of Whatzup Magazine (Northeast Indiana's leading entertainment newspaper), and the October 2000 and May 2001 issues of Virtually Alternative Magazine (the industry's leading Modern-Rock trade magazine). CHAOTICA's song "Powerdrill" has also achieved a spot on the Virtually Alternative Sampler Vol. 127 (a compilation album containing the newest songs added to radio stations' play lists), sharing the disc with artists like "The Union Underground" and "Stereophonics." Additionally, "Powerdrill" was featured on the April 2001 volume of the Modrox Sampler (another radio industry compilation of the newest songs added to rotation on radio stations) sharing the disc with artists like "Mudvayne," "Daft Punk," "Everlast," and "At The Drive In."

Then, CHAOTICA received an offer from Marilyn Manson's record company, "Posthuman Records" and PRIORITY Records to remix the song "Eleanor Rigby" by national recording artist "gODHEAD." CHAOTICA delivered a dark-industrial remix of the song (originally written by the Beatles) and CHAOTICA's version was released by PRIORITY Records along with a remix by "Lords Of Acid" and "Sonic State." "Eleanor Rigby (CHAOTICA Mix)" was then added to rotation on radio stations across the country.

CHAOTICA has recently been selected (for the fourth year in a row) to appear on the "X-Essentials Vol. 6" compilation CD released by local commercial Alternative-Rock radio station X-102 FM. CHAOTICA's newest single, "Ultra Violence (Fat Man, Little Boy Remix)" was chosen out of hundreds of submissions to be one of only 20 songs to appear on this CD. CHAOTICA would like to thank X-102 for all their continued support!

CHAOTICA is currently in the process of writing new material, as they continue to enhance their live show for their exciting musical journey ahead!