Chaotica - Lobotomy

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You stupid sheep open your eyes, He's not a lamb but a

wolf in disguise. He'll lead you all to the edge of

the hill, He will say "jump"and I know you all will.

You follow blindly 'till the end of the line, You look

around and there's nothing but swine. You trust his

lies 'cause they're easy to hear, You gave all your

faith now your faith disappeared. Frontal Lobotomy.

Invent your god; put your faith in the sky, But you're

sill worried if you're trusting a lie. You pray so

hard and you claim he talks back, But I hear voices

too after I smoke some crack. Hypocrisy - the way of

the man, Away from the truth is the way that you ran.

The holy priest engaging in sodomy, To find truth have

a frontal lobotomy. Frontal Lobotomy.

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