Chaotica - House Of Red Tape

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So you think you're

The brain?

Got it all figured out?

Self-righteous and vein

But you are mindless

On top of the world

In your House of Red Tape

House of Red Tape

A delusional trap

Full of lateral change

We deal with your crap

Because we're spineless

We gotta stay in the box

Because it's safe in

Your cage

Safe in a cage

House of Red Tape

My will to try decreases

House of Red Tape

You break my soul to pieces

Fuck the man

Goddamn the Corporation

Take a stand

Against manipulation

We demand

Stop your intimidation

And lies

?Think outside of the box.?

Gotta play by their rules

Gotta suck corporate cocks

To fucking survive

It's like a race of the rats

To get a nibble of cheese

Get down on your knees

Shake a hand, make a deal

Under a ceiling of glass

Spinning that hamster wheel

Just to stay alive

Over over again

Until the day that you die

Can't escape?cause I tried

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