Chaotica - Black Rose

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That thorny twisted piece of nature that is always

there, That haunting figment of life that causes total

despair. Weaving in and around your life like a

parasite, It's starting to take control, you have to

stand up and fight. The Black Rose wants you to cry,

The Black Rose wants you to die, The Black Rose yearns

for your anguish, The Black Rose wants you to perish.

The Black Rose commands your actions as if you were a

slave, Die with this evil force and it'll follow you

to your grave. You can't heal your scars so your heart

will continue to bleed, It just grows stronger and

taller like an eternal weed. Life being extracted from

your very heart and soul, Leaving but emptiness to

fill that dark hole. This Black Rose does not feed on

water sunlight or soil, 'Cause it indulges in your

mournfulness and turmoil. Finally an answer emerges to

end these fears, A special person whom you love can

wipe away your tears. But no one wants to love someone

who has all of this pain, So the Black Rose will

continue to drive you insane.

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